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Hi - Welcome to my page! I'm so glad you are here! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for all things comfort food. From cheesy potatoes, smoked ribs, pickle bites and candied maple bacon, I love making others happy through my cooking. Now is my chance to share my tried and true recipes that I know you will love. Creating a website for all of my recipes has been a dream for a long time. A lot of friends and family have implied that they would love to see a blog that didn't include any stories, and instead was just RECIPES and I'm here to do just that. 

Being born and raised in Michigan means we have about 6 months of cold weather and snow. Soup became my ultimate passion to help keep warm for those long winter months. You can seriously make soup out of ANYTHING and it's the most comforting item I believe you can eat! Even if its a 90 degree humid day in the summer, you can usually find me in the kitchen hovering over a pot of soup.

The recipes I share here are my absolute favorites and what you can usually find me cooking at home for my husband Jeff, and other family & friends. Jeff and I enjoy our time at our home with our dog, Elsa, out riding trails with friends in the Jeep, boating up north at our favorite place in Michigan at the Inland Waterways, and renovating our home in our spare time. 

I hope you enjoy & find some interesting items to make for your family & friends. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my page to see the latest recipes I publish! <3 Soups On!  

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